Green Heart’s researchers have been contributing to the field of environmental medicine for many, many years.  To help you learn what we have contributed to scientific understanding and why we are so hopeful for this project, we have selected these articles to share.

Time spent outdoors and sleep normality: A preliminary investigation

Sleep deficiency is associated with health risks, and time outdoors is related to health benefits. This study assessed time outdoors and its association with sleep normality. Participants completed questionnaires on their health status, behaviors, neighborhoods, and demographics including information on sleep, time outdoors, and mental and physical health. We examined potential associations between time outdoors […]

Community‐Based Evaluation of the Associations Between Well‐Being and Cardiovascular Disease Risk

Although the effects of psychological health and optimism have been extensively investigated, data from community‐based cohorts assessing the association between psychological health and cardiovascular disease risk factors are sparse, and the concurrent relationship between subjective well‐being and cardiovascular health has not been studied. This study examined the association between well‐being and cardiovascular risk factors among […]